In 1879 Grandma Cora Johnson devised a delicious barbeque for the first Juneteenth celebration held in Arlington, Texas. Her recipe became a family tradition and a well guarded secret. Today, her grandson, Mario Johnson, uses the same original spices to create his masterpiece barbeque for patrons of Grandma's House Catering. Grandma Minerva added her special flare to the menu by teaching Mario how to make delicious dishes with a Louisiana Cajun flare. 


That's how Grandma's House Catering was born. From the rich tradition of Grandma Cora and Grandma Minerva, Mario adds his 30 years in the restaurant business. All of it combines to create a truly unforgettable culinary experience. Grandma's House Catering specializes in the comfort foods we all enjoy at home with family and friends. You can find everything from succulent deep fried turkey to satisfying your sweet tooth with a slice of Texas sheet cake.